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Our Staff

  • Jacque Aanestad
    Jacque Aanestad
  • Kelsie Ballard
    Kelsie Ballard, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Molly Fliss
    Molly Fliss, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Taylor Hilmo
    Taylor McMillan, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Denise Hines
    Denise Hines, RN, BSN
    Staff Nurse
  • Jessica McKusker
    Jessica McKusker, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Matt Spencer
    Matt Spencer, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Babette Suchy
    Babette Suchy, RN
    Staff Nurse
  • Melyse Sparks
    Melyse Sparks
    Administrative Assistant and LPN
  • erin-abraham
    Erin Abraham, CNA/HHA
    Home Health Aid
  • Melissa Phillippe
    Melissa Phillippe, CNA
    Home Health Aid and Administrative Assistant
  • Bailey Ries
    Bailey Ries, HHA
    Home Health Aid
  • Lynn Smithson
    Lynn Smithson, CNA/HHA
    Home Health Aid
  • Sara Wade
    Sara Wade, MSW
    Social Worker & Bereavement Coordinator
  • Bonnie Sissel
    Bonnie Sissell, MSW
    Social Worker
  • Michael Elmore
    Michael Elmore
  • Mike Patterson
    Mike Patterson
  • Brooke Moeller
    Brooke Moeller, MT-BC
    Music Therapist
  • Scott Zahren
    Scott Zahren
    Massage Therapist
  • Cary Smith
    Cary Smith, RPh

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